Human rights in Ghana : report of a mission

Report of a mission by Professor Cees Flinterman for the ICJ and Netherlands Institute of Human Rights.

As a result o f a series of seminars, the International Commission of Jurists has become increasingly concerned with the relationship between human rights and development, an d has participated actively in the promotion of the concept of the right to development as a human right.

It was from this perspective that the International Commission was extremely interested in sending a representative to Ghana who would be able to in form it not only a bout the administration and safeguards to ensure fair trials and defence rights, but also more generally about the situation concerning human rights in the light  of the right to development.

The report contains an introduction to Ghana and the mission, chapters on the administration of justice and human rights, and final remarks and recommendations.

The report was published by the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) as SIM Special No.  4.

Ghana-human rights-fact-finding mission-1984-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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