ICJ appeals to Sudan government to end the savage repression

The ICJ is profoundly disturbed by the excesses of the present regime in Sudan, in particular the recent summary execution of 28 retired and in-service Army officers accused of trying to overthrow the regime.

Since Brigadier-General (later Lieutenant-General) Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir seized power on 30 June 1989, the Sudanese government has gradually dismantled the democratic institutions which the country has enjoyed since independence, including on independent judiciary.

The denial of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Sudanese citizens, the wide practice of arbitrary detention, torture and summary executions appear to pave the way for a prolonged military dictatorship.

The present situation is of deep concern to all those concerned with the protection of human rights. The International Commission of Jurists calls upon the government of Sudan to end the savage repression against Sudanese citizens, either military or civilian, to release all political prisoners and to respect fully the Rule of Law.

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