ICJ begins high-level mission to Nepal to assess impact of state of emergency on human rights

The ICJ begins a four-day high-level mission today to assess the impact of the state of emergency on the human rights situation.

Focus will be on allegations of human rights violations perpetrated against human rights defenders, civilians and student and political leaders in Kathmandu and in the districts and to discuss with the government avenues through which to they could address the deepening human rights crisis. The Mission is led by ICJ Secretary-General Nicholas Howen.

Nepal is in the midst of a human rights crisis, marked by enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, torture and secret detention and impunity of the security forces. The Maoists have engaged in a pattern of violations of international humanitarian law, including summary killings of non-combatants and recruitment of child soldiers.

While in Nepal, the mission team will meet with senior government and army officials, the National Human Rights Commission, leading members of the bar, non-governmental human rights organisations, human rights victims and the diplomatic community.

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