ICJ calls for more human rights protection in EU home affairs

The ICJ submitted today its contribution to the public consultation of the European Commission on the future of home affairs policies in the European Union.

In its contribution, the ICJ highlighted the need to increase human rights protection in EU home affairs legislation and in its implementation.

The ICJ submission recommends an increased monitoring of the human rights compliance of draft legislation; calls for increased transparency in the legislative process; and for a better use of infringement proceedings by the European Commission to ensure the effective implementation of EU home affairs legislation with particular attention to the protection of human rights.

The ICJ addressed, in its contribution, the importance of a correct and human rights compliant implementation of the new Common European Asylum System, and the need of further reforms in the EU legislation on asylum, migration and border control.

Finally, the ICJ stressed the poor record of the EU institutions, besides the European Parliament, in ensuring accountability for human rights violations committed in countering terrorism, for example in the cases of the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programme scandal and in the cases of alleged complicity of European States in the US-led system of renditions and secret detentions.

EU-PublicConsultation-ICJ-FutureHomeAffairs-2014-Final (download the contribution)

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