ICJ calls on Tunisian authorities to investigate the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi and hold the perpetrators to account

by | Jul 26, 2013 | News

The ICJ today called on the Tunisian authorities to conduct an investigation into the targeted assassination of Mohamed Brahmi, a prominent opposition figure and member of the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly.

The investigation should be prompt, thorough, independent and transparent, with a view to holding the perpetrators to account.

This killing came less than six months after the assassination of another opposition figure, Chokri Belaid.

The ICJ is deeply concerned that these assassinations are part of a large campaign of intimidation against opposition figures, human rights defenders, including lawyers and judges. Many of them were subject to death threats. For example, in May 2013, Justice Kalthoum Kennou, a Tunisian judge on the Court of Cassation and ICJ Commissioner received an anonymous letter threatening her with death and ordering her to quit the judiciary.

“The Tunisian authorities must fully and promptly investigate the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi and ensure that the perpetrators are criminally held to account”, said Said Benarbia Senior Legal Advisor of the ICJ’s Middle East and North Africa Programme. “Tunisian authorities must also take all effective measures to end all forms of intimidation against opposition members, human rights defenders and judges, including by ensuring their security and physical integrity”, he added.

The ICJ also called on the Tunisian authorities to respect and protect the right of individuals to peaceful assembly and refrain from any unlawful use of force against them.

Mohamed Brahmi – Press Statement (ENG – Full Text in PDF)

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