ICJ condemns bomb and arson attacks in Southern Thailand

The ICJ condemned the shooting, arson and bomb attacks that occurred across the South of Thailand yesterday.

Reports say the attacks have killed eight people and injured at least 45, including at least one child.

“Thorough, prompt and impartial investigations will be needed. It is already clear that there can be no justification for these violent acts”, said Nicholas Howen, ICJ Secretary-General.

“These are criminal acts and those responsible should be brought to justice in accordance with national law and in line with international standards”, he added.

The most effective means of addressing the situation in the South remains adherence to a measured policy involving: law enforcement measures that respect human rights and the rule of law, access to justice for all victims of crimes in Southern Thailand, including prompt and fair investigations, remedies and reparations, and full and transparent consideration of the recommendations of the National Reconciliation Commission.

The ICJ expressed its condolences to the victims and their families.

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