ICJ condemns Military takeover in Fiji

cmdr frank b-fijiToday, the ICJ voiced its grave concern over the unconstitutional overthrow of the Government of Fiji by the armed forces, under the leadership of Commodore Frank Bainamarama.

The ICJ firmly condemns any form of seizure of power, or interference by the armed forces in the political system of a country, at any given time and for whatever reason. The ICJ believes that there can be no solution outside the framework of constitutionalism and democracy.

The ICJ strongly condemns mob violence in Fiji that claimed the life of a policeman and left several other people injured. The ICJ also condemns the criminal ransacking of the national TV and violence perpetrated against journalists who were discharging their professional duties by reporting fairly on the situation as it unravelled.

The ICJ calls on the army to announce an immediate return to constitutional normalcy and civilian government.

The ICJ will continue to monitor developments and calls on the international community to take the appropriate measures to ensure that human rights, the rule of law, good governance and constitutional democracy prevail in Fiji.

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