OAS mission to Peru: ICJ denounces breakdown of rule of law

Today, the ICJ addressed a letter to the Organization of American States (OAS) urging them to adopt a firm stance in defense of the rule of law and democracy during their forthcoming visit to Peru.

The visit forms part of a high level mission organized under the auspices of the OAS and prompted by concern over irregularities in the recent electoral process.

The ICJ calls on the OAS Mission to examine the situation of the judiciary; the virtual collapse of the Constitutional Court as a consequence of measures taken by the Executive; the continuing trial of civilians in military tribunals; attacks on the freedom of expression, and the question of widespread impunity for human rights violations. The ICJ notes that there is a near breakdown of the rule of law and lack of institutions necessary to effectively protect human rights.

The ICJ recommends that the OAS Mission carefully consider the report and conclusions of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Peru, and the recent report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights which reported on the breakdown of the rule of law in Peru.

The ICJ urges members of the OAS Mission to maintain an open dialogue with civil society in Peru and especially with the human rights community. It also demands that the Mission make public its activities and conclusions as soon as possible.

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