ICJ congratulates Asma Jahangir on her election as President of the Supreme Court Bar Association in Pakistan

The ICJ congratulates Ms. Asma Jahangir on her election as President of the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA).

After a tightly contested campaign, Ms. Jahangir emerged victorious by consolidating support from all regions of the country and advocating a principled, progressive agenda for the Bar.

“The election of ICJ Commissioner Asma Jahangir is a fantastic development for the rule of law in Pakistan. Ms. Jahangir has always been a stalwart defender of human rights and a consistent advocate for the marginalized and voiceless. With her as President of the SCBA, the ICJ expects Ms. Jahangir to continue her tireless efforts to ensure that the institutions of Pakistan function in accordance with the Constitution and applicable principles of international law,” said Mr. Wilder Tayler, ICJ Secretary General.

The news of Ms. Jahangir’s victory is particularly heartening as it represents a rejection by Pakistan’s lawyers of the negative and divisive tactics that were used in an attempt to discredit her candidacy. At a critical juncture in Pakistan’s democratic development, Ms. Jahangir’s election is an affirmation that justice and the rule of law should be a central priority for the country.

“It is encouraging that the SCBA has selected a President who can help navigate Pakistan through a challenging period in its legal development,” said Mr. Roger Normand, ICJ Asia-Pacific Director. “With significant questions of constitutional law and judicial independence before the Supreme Court’s consideration, Ms. Jahangir is the ideal person to lead and represent Supreme Court advocates”.


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