ICJ delivers statement at UN Consultation on Human Rights in the HIV Response

Entitled “Developing principles to address the detrimental impact on health, equality and human rights of criminalization with a focus on select conduct in the areas of sexuality, reproduction, drug use and HIV”, the ICJ statement was delivered today at the UN.

The ICJ statement, delivered during the Consultation on Human Rights in the HIV response organized by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in collaboration with UNAIDS, focused on the need to engage jurists in addressing the detrimental impact on equality, health and human rights, of criminalization of sexual and reproductive healthcare services, including abortion; of consensual sexual conduct, including consensual sex work, consensual sex outside marriage, consensual same-sex relations, and consensual adolescent sexual activity; of drug use, of possession of drugs for personal use; and of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission.

Download the full statement:

Universal-ICJ statement HIV-Advocacy-2019-ENG