ICJ joins NGO letter to Human Rights Council on drones

The ICJ joined several other international organisations in today’s open letter to the UN Human Rights Council sharing concerns about State practices of targeted killings and the use of armed drones.

The open letter urges UN Member States and the Human Rights Council to undertake several steps towards ensuring transparency, compliance with international law, meaningful oversight, effective remedies for victims and effective investigations, tracking and response to civilian harm.

The letter was sent to Permanent Representatives of Member and Observer States to the Human Rights Council ahead of the Council’s Panel on the application of international law to the use of armed drones, to be held on 22 September 2014.

HRC27-JointNGOStatement-ArmedDrones-Non-OpenLetter-2014 (download joint NGO letter in PDF)

Go to webpage with further information on the Council’s plenary panel on armed drones and international law


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