ICJ Journal vol. II no. 2 (1959-1960)

This legal Journal is devoted to the administration of justice within different countries. It also strives to deepen understanding of and widen agreement on the principles of the rule of law in all countries.

This issue of the Journal introduces one new feature and substantially expands another. The first Document published in this periodical is a report of the Kerala Inquiry Committee, composed of leading Indian jurists and engaged in an impartial study of the developments brought about by the 27 months of Communist rule in that Indian State. The experience of Kerala, though a regional one, contains elements of typical political and legal techniques observed in various parts of the world under conditions of Communist domination.

This edition features:

  • Editorial: Contemporary problems of the rule of law


  • Democracy and judicial administration in Japan, by Kotaro Tanaka
  • The Norwegian parliamentary commissioner for the civil administration, by Terje Wold
  • The new constitution of Nigeria and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, by T.O. Elias
  • Law, bench and bar in Arab lands, by Saba Habachy
  • Problems of the judiciary in the ‘communauté’ in Africa, by G. Mangin
  • Legal aid and the rule of law: a comparative outline of the problem, by Norman S. Marsh


  • The “general supervision” of the Soviet procuracy, by Glenn C. Morgan
  • Preventive detention and the protection of free speech in India, by the Editors


  • Report of the Kerala inquiry committee by the ICJ

Book reviews:

  • Government, Law and Courts in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, by Vladimir Gsovski and Kazimierz Grzybowski
  • Commentary on the Constitution of India; Shorter Constitution of India, by Durga Das Basu
  • State Immunities and Trading Activities in International Law, by Sompong Sucharitkul
  • Freedom of Speech in the West, by Frede Castberg
  • Human Rights and World Order, by Moses Moskowitz
  • La Jurisprudence de la Cour internationale de Justice, by Edvard Hambro
  • The European Commission of Human Rights Rights, Documents and Decisions, 1955-1956-1957, by the European Commission of Human Rights
  • European Yearbook, Vol. V, by the Council of Europe
  • Le Pouvoir Soviétique; Introduction à l’étude de ses institutions, by Henri Chambre
  • Les Etats-Unis, by André Tunc
  • Political and Civil Rights in the United States, by Thomas I. Emerson and David Haber
  • Equal Justice Under Law; The American Legal System, by Caroll C. Moreland
  • Law of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, by Edwin S. Newman
  • Les Institutions Franjaises racontees aux Frangais, by Emmanuel Blanc
  • The Federal States and their Judiciary, by W.J. Wagner
  • -Studien des Instituts fur Ostrecht/Munich, by Institut fur Ostrecht
  • “Dokumente zur Staatsordnung der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik”, by Gunther Albrecht
  • Les Barreaux dans le monde – Die Rechts anwaltschaft in der Welt, by Union Internationale des Avocats
  • Les Juridictions internationales – International Courts, by Union Internationale des avocats
  • Politica International y Panamericanismo Ideal, by Simon Planas-Suarez
  • Primo Congresso Internazionale Dei Magistratie, by A. Giuffre
  • L’Institution concentrationnaire en Russie, by Paul Barton
  • Le Droit Nouveau, by Alejandro Alvarez
  • Constitutions des Etats de la Communauté, by P. F. Gonidec
  • -Les Constitutions du Proche et du Moyen-Orient, by J. E. Godchot
  • L’Association des pays d’outre-mer à la Communauté économique européenne, by Pierre-Bernhard Couste
  • Die Rom-Konvention für Menschenrechte in der Praxis der Strassburger Menschenrechtskommission, by Hans Wiebringhaus
  • La Cinquieme Republique, by Maurice Duverger
  • La Missione del Giurista, by Francesco Carnelutti
  • La Corte D’Assise; La Truffa Processuale, by Pietro Ferdas

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