ICJ Journal vol. VII no. 2 (1966)

This legal Journal is devoted to the administration of justice within different countries. It also strives to deepen understanding of and widen agreement on the principles of the rule of law in all countries.

This edition features:

  • Judgement of the international court of justice on South West Africa, a staff study
  • The European Social Charter, by Peter Papadatos
  • Abductions effected outside national territory, by Daniel Marchand
  • The Supreme Court of Chile, by Osvaldo Illanes Benitez
  • Digest of judicial decisions on aspects of the rule of law, by Lucian G. Weeramantry
  • Books of interest

ICJ Journal-VII-2-1966-eng (full text in English, PDF)
ICJ Journal-VII-2-1966-spa (full text in Spanish, PDF)


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