ICJ launches new brand, new website

To be more visible to a wider audience and ensure that its wealth of legal resources and advocacy work are made accessible, the ICJ undertook to modernise its visual identity and main communications tool in 2012; a year that coincides with the organization’s 60th anniversary.

The new ICJ logo and visual identity has been developed by the well-known Swiss artist and designer Roger Pfund, who has shown his commitment to the protection of human rights through past collaborations with organisations such as Amnesty International (Switzerland), Human Rights Watch and the Geneva Call.

The new brand retains the flame and globe found within the ICJ’s previous logos, but gives them a more modern style. The new logo also reinforces the significance of the ICJ acronym.

The new ICJ website has been developed by HURIDOCS – an international NGO that supports human rights organizations by helping them efficiently utilise information technologies and documentation methods. The Atelier Roger Pfund worked on the design of the new website.

One of the main features of the new website is its sophisticated search tool, which allows visitors to easily filter and navigate through the vast collection of ICJ publications, submissions and other expert documents.

“The ICJ is extremely privileged to have worked with Roger Pfund and HURIDOCS. The result has fully met our expectations,” said Wilder Tayler, ICJ’s Secretary General. “Both partners have invested a lot of time and expertise in this collaboration and have carried out a significant proportion on a pro bono basis, for which we are very grateful.”

ICJ’s new visual identity will be progressively implemented until the organization’s 14th World Congress in December.

Contact: Olivier van Bogaert, ICJ Media & Communications;
T +41 22 979 3808, M + 41 79 269 01 93
E olivier.vanbogaert(at)icj.com

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