ICJ list of issues submission on Pakistan to UN Human Rights Committee

The ICJ today submitted to the Human Rights Committee information in preparation for the Committee’s examination of Pakistan’s initial periodic report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

During its session in October 2016, the Human Rights Committee will adopt a List of Issues for the examination of the first periodic report of the Pakistan under the ICCPR in July 2017.

In its submission, the ICJ raised issues and suggested questions to be put to the Government of Pakistan concerning:

  • The compliance of Pakistan’s counter-terrorism laws with the rights to life, liberty and fair trial, particularly in the context of its “military justice” system and the operation of the Protection of Pakistan Act;
  • The continuing practice of enforced disappearances and impunity for law enforcement and military agencies; and
  • The compliance of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws with the rights to life; freedom of expression; religion, thought and conscience; and fair trial.

This submission was based on the more detailed findings in recent reports of the ICJ.

PAKISTAN-HRC LOI SUBMISSION-Advocacy-legal submission-2016-ENG (full text in PDF)

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