ICJ narrative report 1999

Summary of strategies and activities of the ICJ secretariat in 1999.

The report describes the work done by the ICJ in the framework of its priority objectives for 1999-2003.

  • Promotion of effective human rights mechanisms, norms and their implementation – projects in relation to the UN Commission on Human Rights and Sub-Commission, standard-setting, UN Treaty Bodies, African Commission, OAU Council, NGO meeting Nairobi, domestic application of norms, European Convention, European Conference against Racism, Kyrgyzstan
  • Fighting impunity: projects in relation to ICC Preparatory Committee, Pinochet
  • Promoting and protecting all human rights with an emphasis on economic, social and cultural rights: Optional Protocol, European Social Charter, Macedonia, African regional seminar, seminar in Sri Lanka, fact-finding missions to Mexico, Indonesia, Botswana
  • Promotion and protection of the independence of judges and lawyers: CIJL cases, workshop on Northern Ireland, missions to Malaysia and Turkey, trial observation, Attacks on justice, Africa mission
  • Ensuring the observance of the rule of law in the context of globalisation: CIJL publications on judiciary and globalisation
  • Miscellaneous: Conference European sections.

ICJ-annual report-1999-eng (full text in English, PDF)


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