ICJ oral statement on impunity for reprisals against human rights defenders in Sudan

During the 21st session of the UN Human Rights Council (10-28 September 2012), the ICJ made an oral statement relating to the report of the UN Secretary-General on reprisals against persons cooperating with the UN and its mechanisms.

In a general debate concerning reports of the UN Secretary-General, including his report on reprisals against human rights defenders (HRDs), the ICJ delivered an oral statement on 11 September 2012 concerning impunity for attacks against HRDs in Sudan.

The ICJ’s statement called on the Human Rights Council to urge Sudan to:

  • Protect the rights of HRDs, including those cooperating with the UN;
  • Initiate a prompt, thorough, and independent investigation into incidents brought to the attention of the Council;
  • Hold criminally accountable those responsible and ensure access to a remedy and reparations for the victims of such attacks;
  • Guarantee the safe return and reintegration in Sudan of the human rights defenders concerned; and
  • Repeal all laws that describe human rights activities as spying and espionage.

Sudan-HRC21-Item2-OralStatementReprials-2012 (download statement)


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