ICJ Review no. 8 (June 1972)

In this issue, the ICJ set up a Commission of three prominent international lawyers to enquire into the reported violations of human rights and the rule of law in East Pakistan since March 1971 and to report with recommendations.

Due to the outbreak of war between India and Pakistan in December 1971, it became necessary to cancel the enquiry. However, as a great deal of valuable documentary evidence had been already collected, it was decided that the Secretariat of the ICJ should prepare a staff study on the events up to the end of 1971, covering the ground of the proposed enquiry.

The scope of the study was extended to consider the application of the principle of self-determination of peoples, the role of the UN and the role of India. The factual account and findings of the study are based partly on contemporary newspaper accounts, partly sworn depositions of refugees in India, and partly on oral and written statements of evidence given to the Secretariat of the ICJ between October 1971 and March 1972.

In addition, this edition features articles on:

  • Human rights in the world:
    • -Brazil
    • -Iran
    • -Khmer
    • -Namibia
    • -Sudan
    • -Uruguay
  • Articles:
    -Interrogation procedures, by Lord Gardiner
  • East Pakistan staff study:
    • -Legal position under domestic law
    • -International penal law
    • -Right to self-determination
    • -The role of India
  • Judicial application of the rule of law:
    • -California Supreme Court: death penalty
    • -Pakistan Supreme Court: legality of martial law

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