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Instruments Archives: Convention on the Rights of the Child

In re Foreign Adoption, Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia (28 January 2010)

Procedural Posture The Prosecutor General filed an appeal, called a request for protection of legality, against a decision of the Ljubljana District Court to recognise a foreign adoption by a same-sex couple. Facts The applicant parents, a same-sex couple with dual Slovenian and United States citizenship, had registered a same-sex civil partnership in New Jersey […]

Re Alex, Family Court of Australia (6 May 2009)

Procedural Posture The Government and Secretary of the Department of Human Services brought suit on behalf of Alex for a declaration from the Court that the Secretary could allow the seventeen-year old to undergo a bilateral mastectomy. A 2004 ruling had allowed the Secretary to consent to hormone therapy but had not considered the possibility […]

Pablo-Gualberto v. Gualberto, Supreme Court of the Philippines (28 June 2005)

Procedural Posture The father of a four-year-old child filed a petition to annul his marriage with the child’s mother, who had left the marital home with the child and was allegedly in a relationship with another woman, and the father attached an ancillary request for custody of the child while the litigation was pending. The […]

Yaros-Hakak v. Attorney General, Supreme Court of Israel (10 January 2005)

Procedural Posture The appellants, a same-sex couple, applied to adopt each other’s biological children. The Family Court denied the application and the District Court upheld the decision. The appellants appealed to the Supreme Court. Facts The appellants were in a lesbian relationship. Through anonymous sperm donations, one woman gave birth to two children while the […]