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Instruments Archives: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Richard Muasya v. the Hon. Attorney General, High Court of Kenya (2 December 2010)

Procedural Posture The petitioner, an intersex individual, brought suit alleging violations of constitutional rights. Facts The petitioner was born with both female and male genitalia. The petitioner’s parents gave him a male name but, as a result of his ambiguous gender, he did not obtain a birth certificate and thus could not acquire an identity […]

The People v. Siyah Pembe Üçgen Izmir Association (“Black Pink Triangle”), Izmir Court of First Instance No. 6, Turkey (30 April 2010)

Procedural Posture The Prosecutor’s Office of Izmir brought a complaint to the Court requesting that the defendant association, Siyah Pembe Üçgen Izmir (“Black Pink Triangle”), be dissolved because it failed to comply with the requirements set forth in the Civil Code as well as in the Constitution. Facts When Black Pink Triangle was founded by […]

Public Ministry of the State of Rio Grande do Sul v. LMBG, Superior Tribunal of Justice of Brazil (27 April 2010)

Procedural Posture LMBG filed a petition with a lower level court to adopt LRM’s children and the court granted the adoption. The Public Prosecutor’s Office appealed but the intermediate court affirmed the adoption order. The Public Prosecutor’s Office then appealed to the Superior Court of Justice. Facts LMBG and LRM were two women who had […]

Ang Ladlad v. Commission on Elections, Supreme Court of the Philippines (8 April 2010)

Procedural Posture The Commission on Elections denied the petitioner, Ang Ladlad, registration as a political organisation in 2009. Ang Ladlad petitioned the Supreme Court for certiorari review, which was granted. The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) intervened on behalf of Ang Ladlad in this case before the Supreme Court. Facts Ang Ladlad was a political […]

Mukasa and Oyo v. Attorney General, High Court of Uganda at Kampala (22 December 2008)

Procedural Posture The applicants filed a complaint to the High Court for the alleged violation of their fundamental rights and freedoms by the respondent and its agents. Facts The first applicant was a prominent LGBT rights activist. One night, two government officials raided her house. Although they did not have a search warrant, they seized […]