ICJ appeals for the release of Terry Anderson and the ICRC hostages

On the fifth anniversary of the kidnapping of the Associated Press Middle East correspondent, Terry Anderson, the ICJ appeals on humanitarian grounds to those who are holding him to set him free.

We are at a loss to understand for what purpose his captors are holding him. Of all the American and European victims of kidnapping in the Middle East, he is believed to be the longest held captive. . As all governments have made clear that they are not prepared to barter his release, we urge all those who have any influence with his captors to join in urging his release. At the same time we make a similar appeal in favour of all those held captive in this way, including the latest two, the health professionals of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Emanuel Christen and Elio Enrique, who have now been held in captivity for over four months.


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