ICJ submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Sri Lanka

Under the second cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism, the UN Human Rights Council Working Group on the UPR will be undertaking a review of Sri Lanka during its 14th session.

In a submission to the Working Group, the ICJ has focused on the discrete issues of:

  1. the failure of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission and previous national commissions of inquiry to hold accountable those responsible for serious human rights violations;
  2. the systemic barriers affecting the efficacy of the habeas corpus writ as legal remedy for arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance;
  3. the ongoing detention of Sri Lankans in “rehabilitation camps” and the lack of any independent monitoring mechanism;
  4. Sri Lanka’s failure to implement witness protection measures;
  5. Sri Lanka’s failure to properly incorporate the Convention Against Torture into domestic law; and
  6. Sri Lanka’s party status to international human rights instruments and its cooperation with the UN treaty bodies and the Council’s Special Procedures.

Sri Lanka-ICJ submission UPR-non-judicial submission-2012 (full text in English, PDF)

Sri Lanka-Comparison second cycle-advocacy-2012 (full text in English, PDF)

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