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KEBE and others, Application no. 12552/12, Judgment of 12 January 2017 & Nur Ahmed and others, Application no. 42779/12, Judgment of 18 June 2020 & Nur and others, Application no. 77647/11, Judgment of 16 July 2020 & M.S., Application no. 17189/11, Judgment of 11 June 2020 v. Ukraine

This group of cases concerns various deficiencies in the procedures related to different aspects of the treatment of asylum-seekers in Ukraine at different times in 2011-2020, among others various problems in detention of persons present in Ukraine in an irregular manner, in violation of Article 5 § 1 (f). The Court has noted that the procedure as regards unaccompanied migrant children and the information that there were no recent cases of detention of such children at the centres for temporary accommodation of foreigners and stateless persons who are present in Ukraine illegally, encouraged the authorities to take the steps necessary to consolidate this trend and to ensure adequate treatment of such children.

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