Jurists denounce lethal weapons for crowd control In Gaza

Today, the ICJ condemned the shooting of demonstrators with lethal firearms, which caused the death of at least 14 Palestinians and injured 200 others.

Even when demonstrators throw stones at the security forces, the practice in countries shows that it is neither necessary nor permissible to use lethal weapons against them.

All violence used in self-defence must be necessary and proportionate to the violence used or the threat of violence. Stone-throwing rioters can be quelled by the use of water-hoses and other non-lethal measures, and the security forces can be protected with helmets and shields, The bloody events in Gaza are the consequence of a serious violation by the Palestinian Police of international and local standards.

The ICJ welcomes the establishment of a judicial Committee of Inquiry to investigate the details of the tragic incident in Gaza on 18 November 1994. Furthermore, the ICJ calls upon the Palestinian Authority to refrain from the use of lethal and indiscriminate force against civilians and to bring the actions of their agents into conformity with accepted international standards.

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