Kazakhstan: prison officials interfere with lawyer Snezhanna Kim

Today the ICJ joined a number of human rights organizations in an appeal to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding a recent case of obstruction of work of lawyer Snezhanna Kim, practicing in the country.

The incident took place on 24 July 2015, when lawyer Snezhanna Kim was having a meeting with a client in detention facility no. 161/1 in the city of Kostanay.

The signatories called on the Prosecutor to ensure that Snezhanna Kim and other lawyers are able to freely carry out their professional activities, including by visiting clients held in places of detention without hindrance and communicating with them based on full respect for the confidentiality of the lawyer-client relationship and without pressure of any kind.

Kazakhstan-Violations Lawyer’s rights-Advocacy-Open letters-2015-ENG  (full text in PDF, English)

Kazakhstan-Violations Lawyer’s rights-Advocacy-Open letters-2015-RUS (full text in PDF, Russian)

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