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Key Words Archives: Deprivation of liberty

Case No. 10794/2016 before the Sofia City Administrative Court, Judgment No. 8426 of 30 December 2016

The asylum authorities had detained an unaccompanied asylum seeking child on the ground that it was in the interest of his own safety as he had taken part in fights with other asylum seekers at the reception centre. However, the court repealed the detention order highlighting that detention should be a measure of last resort. The court noted that the child had not been heard during the administrative procedure and neither his legal representative, nor a social worker had taken part in the procedure.

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Case No. 4420/2011 before the Sofia City Administrative Court, Ruling No. 2263 of 25 May 2011

The Court ordered unconditional release from detention of an accompanied migrant child. The case was initiated using the remedy of defence against factual unlawful action (detention). The court accepted the complaint that the permissible period of the minor’s detention (3 months) had passed and therefore the child’s detention lacked any legal basis.

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Decision n° 166/2013 of 19 December 2013, Constitutional Court (Belgium)

Decision of the Constitutional Court on the action for annulment brought by a coalition of associations on the legality of article 74/9 of the law of 15 December 1980. The Court confirmed the legality of this article and clarified its scope, finding that the detention did not violate the child’s fundamental rights, including the right to family life and to protection from all forms of inhuman or degrading treatment.

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