Libya: ICJ engages judges and prosecutors on fair trial guarantees and lawyers on international justice procedures

On 28‒31 October 2018, the ICJ hosted two seminars for 30 judges and prosecutors and 26 lawyers from Libya.

The events were co-organized with the Libyan Network for Legal Aid and commenced with opening remarks by ICJ Commissioner, Justice Kalthoum Kennou of Tunisia.

The first seminar on 28‒29 October on “Fair Trial Guarantees in Libya in light of International Standards” aimed to deepen the understanding of Libyan judges and prosecutors of the application of international law and standards regarding fair trials.

The seminar covered pre-trial rights, such as the right to liberty, to effective legal counsel and to be brought promptly before a judge, and rights at trial, such as the right to defend oneself in person, to call and examine witnesses and to an appeal.

International fair trial standards were considered in light of Libyan domestic law and cases, including case 630/2012 involving 37 Ghaddafi-era officials.

The second seminar on 30‒31 October on “The Law and Procedure to File a Submission before the International Criminal Court” aimed to increase Libyan lawyers’ understanding of how to properly file a successful submission to the Office of the Prosecutor.

The Seminar covered the structure and functioning of the ICC, the jurisdictional and admissibility requirements, and the standards for collection and admissibility of evidence.

The Seminar further discussed the roles of NGOs, lawyers and victims in ICC proceedings, providing practical guidance on how and when to file a communication under Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the ICC.

Speakers included judges and prosecutors from international courts and tribunals as well as ICJ staff.




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