Myanmar: legal briefing on upcoming hearing on provisional measures at the International Court of Justice

Today, the International Commission of Jurists published a legal briefing on the hearing on provisional measures to be held at the International Court of Justice between 10-12 December 2019 in the case of The Gambia v Myanmar.

Questions answered include:

  1. What allegations does The Gambia make against Myanmar?
  2. What provisional measures has The Gambia requested?
  3. What are provisional measures?
  4. What is the process for requesting provisional measures?
  5. What factors are taken into account on a request for provisional measures?
  6. If the Court indicates provisional measures, are they binding on the parties?
  7. What is Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s role in the proceedings?


Myanmar-Provisional Measures Briefing-Advocacy-Analysis Brief-2019-ENG (English)

Myanmar-Provisional Measures Briefing-Advocacy-Analysis Brief-2019-BUR (Burmese)


Kingsley Abbott, Senior Legal Adviser and Coordinator of the ICJ’s Global Accountability Initiative,

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