Nepal: impunity and the non-implementation of judicial rulings

The ICJ and other human rights group are organizing an interaction program titled “Impunity and the Non-Implementation of Judicial Rulings” to be held on the 13th annual International Justice Day.

The non-implementation of judicial decisions has been a major obstacle to the effective delivery of justice for victims of human rights violations, and has contributed to the current state of impunity in Nepal. The objective of the program is to bring together members of the judiciary, legislators, human rights defenders, prosecutorial authorities and other senior stakeholders to develop strategies to increase the effective execution of judicial decisions.

Mr. Khilraj Regmi, Right Honorable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nepal, will be the chief guest, and Dr. Yubraj Sangroula, Attorney General of Nepal, will be the keynote speaker of the program, jointly organized by the ICJ, the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC), Judicial Officers’ Society (JOS) and Human Rights and Democratic Forum (FOHRID).