Online publication of Attacks on Justice 2002

The ICJ announces the online publication of “Attacks on Justice: A Global Report on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers” between January 2000 and November 2001.

This publication highlights one of the most challenging issues confronting the legal community in the promotion and protection of human rights: the independence of judges and lawyers.

Attacks on Justice evaluates the state of law and its practice in relation to the independence of judges and lawyers in 47 countries. It catalogues the cases of at least 315 jurists who suffered reprisals for carrying out their professional duties. Of these, 38 were killed, 5 disappeared, 44 were prosecuted, arrested, detained or even tortured, 23 physically attacked, 67 verbally threatened and 109 professionally obstructed and / or sanctioned.

The ICJ would like to thank IrelandAid, the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and Mr William J. Butler and the Paul D Schurgot Foundation Inc. for their support in making this publication available in all formats.

attacks on justice-2002-publication-2002-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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