Oustanding debts to settle: the economics accomplices of the dictatorship in Argentina

This is the English title of a book by Horacio Verbitsky and Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, with contributions from more than twenty specialists, which reveals complicity between private actors and the dictatorship in Argentina.

The book will be launched on 10 April at 4 pm (16.00)in the Library Events Room (B-135) at the Palais des Nations, Building B, 1st floor, in Geneva.

Carlos Lopez, ICJ Senior Legal Adviser on Business and Human Rights will be among the discussants at the event. He contributed one chapter of the book, on corporate complicity.

The cases of business collaboration discussed in the book range from the role of private companies, to the financing role of the banks and the mass media.

The book also discusses economic illegal appropriation of business, the role of lawyers, business organizations, economic think tanks, the Catholic hierarchy, and scholars.

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