Planning, implementing and evaluating a paralegal training programme

The ICJ has been promoting a series of seminars in Asia, Africa and Latin America on the provision of legal services to the rural poor and other disadvantaged groups.

The purpose is to discuss how the poor and disadvantaged can be provided with the basic legal services which more affluent people enjoy.

This manual, written by D. Gnanapragasam and D. J. Ravindran, acts as a training programme for lawyers, law teachers, law students, and representatives of legal aid, human rights and development organisations (in Asia) working in rural areas and involved in training paralegals. The training manual will facilitate local organisations to plan and implement training programmes without seeking continuous help from international organisartions. This manual was prepared to help legal services organisations and trainers to:

  • design, implement and evaluate training programmes for paralegals; and
  • integrate effective learning and teaching methods into such training programmes.

Paralegal training programme-manual-1991-eng (full text in English, PDF)


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