Practitioners’ Guide N°12 now available in Arabic

Nov 7, 2019 | News

Today, the ICJ published an Arabic translation of Practitioners’ Guide N°12 on Women’s Access to Justice for Gender-based Violence.

The Guide is designed to support legal practitioners and human rights defenders involved or interested in pursuing cases of gender-based violence.

It provides information about regional and international law and standards relevant to gender-based violence, advice on implementing these standards as part of domestic law reform and examples of existing good practice in seeking protection for women.

The Guide (Arabic version here) also addresses the practical issues that are faced by women who have been subject to gender-based violence and the steps that are necessary to secure their access to justice in practice. It considers women’s experiences of the criminal justice system and reflects on how the justice system deals with women’s safety and need for access to services beyond legal assistance.


Universal-Womens accesss to justice-Publications-Practitioners’ Guide Series-2019-ARA (full guide, in PDF)

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