Proposed Arab Court of Human Rights: an empty vessel without substantial changes to the draft statute

30 Human rights groups, including the ICJ have signed a statement calling upon the League of Arab State’s (LAS) member States to substantially revise the draft statute of the Arab Court of Human Rights (the Arab Court).

The LAS should also ensure the full accordance of the Arab Court with international human rights law and standards, including obligations assumed by LAS member States, the statement says.

In addition, the human rights groups strongly condemn the fact that both the LAS and the expert committee went about their drafting exercise without consulting with any civil society groups, despite their vast expertise in relevant issues, or any other stakeholders, despite several requests from civil society organizations to engage in the process.

The full text can be downloaded below in English and Arabic:

MENA-Arab Court Statement-news-web story-2014

MENA-Arab Court Statement-news-web story-2014-ara



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