Refugee problem in Nepal

A study report on the refugee crisis in Nepal with reference to global situation
A Report for ICJ/Nepal Section in cooperation with Stichting European Human Rights Foundation, Belgium

Nepal has come under the grip of the refugee problem following the huge influx of the Bhutanese refugees in this country. The report has highlighted the global refugee problem while accounting for the refugee problem facing this country.

The study report consists of five major chapters with several sub chapters included in them . The first chapter briefly accounts for the conceptual framework on the refugee issue with reference to historical perspectives. The second chapter takes a look at the global refugee crisis and humanitarian assistance measures. Accordingly, chapter 3 and 4 briefly examine the refugee problem in Nepal and the response measures to tackle the growing refugee crisis. The concluding chapter suggests some relevant measures to address the global refugee problem.

Nepal-refugee problem-thematic report-1993-eng (full text in English, PDF)


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