Report of a regional seminar on economic, social and cultural rights

Report of the regional seminar which was organised in Abidjan from 9-12 March 1998. The seminar was one of the initiatives aimed at implementing the Bangalore Plan in Action in Africa.

Discussions of the seminar focused on principles for the protection of ESCR. There was an attempt to clarify the meaning of concepts such as good governance and examine the evolving rights framework and approach using case studies from Africa. Participants examined the applicability of this framework within the context of the ACHPR and the ICESCR. The seminar also discussed strategies for ensuring the protection of ESCR, such as monitoring, sensitisation and mobilisation, policy reform and advocacy, and the need for an interdisciplinary approach for protecting the rights in question.

This report contains about twenty statements made and papers presented at the seminar. It is expected to be of use to the various national and regional actors and to the OAU mechanism which will be charged with the implementation of the African Economic Treaty.

Participants agreed that the conclusions and recommendations of the meeting be referred to as “The Law of Abidjan” – they were published in a separate booklet.

Africa-economic, social and cultural rights-seminar report-1999-eng (full text in English, PDF)

Africa-economic, social and cultural rights-seminar report-1999-fra (full text in French, PDF)

Africa-economic, social and cultural rights-seminar report-conclusions-1998-eng (conclusions in English and French, PDF)


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