Report on the activities of the International Commission of Jurists, 1992-1994

This Triennial Report record s the extraordinary scope of the activities pursued by the dedicated officers of the ICJ under the leadership of the Secretary-General, Mr. Adama Dieng.

For a body with such a small budget and modest staff complement, the range, depth, novelty and importance of the activities of the ICJ are truly astonishing. When the ICJ intervenes in the councils of the United Nations, in the countless missions, seminars, trial observances and the other activities recorded in these pages, it is listened to.

It has earned this attention by the integrity and responsibility shown by the Secretary-General and his distinguished predecessors and by its staff, supported by Commission Members who comprise some of the most notable judges and lawyers in the world.

ICJ-report on activities 1992 1994-annual report-1995-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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