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Criminal Code, Section 135/1 – 135/4 (Terrorist offences) (1956)

Section 135/1. Whoever, performing the Criminal Offence, as follows:
(1) Commit an act of violence or exercise any act to cause a danger to life or a body harm or any person’s freedom harm seriously;
(2) Commit any act to cause seriously injury to transportation-system, communication-system or structure base of public interest;
(3) Commit any act to cause injury to any State’s property or any person’s property or an envelopment to cause likely cause an important economic injury;
If such act is made by the aim to treated or enforce Thai Government, Foreign Government or International Organization make or not to make any act to cause seriously injury or for making a disorder by causing the people to be terrified, such person committing an offence of terrorization must be punished with death, imprisonment for life or imprisonment from three years to twenty years and fine from six ten thousands Baht to one million Baht;
Doings by demonstration, convocation, protestation, argument or movement for demanding Government aid or to be received Justice is not offence of terrorization.

Section 135/2. Whoever:
(1) Treated to make a terrorization under circumstances advisable to be believed that such person will do as treatment really; or
(2) Collect forces or arms, procure or gather property, give or receive a training terrorization, prepare any other act or conspire each other to terrorize or commit any offence in a part of plan to terrorize or abet people into a part of terrorization or ones know the terrorists and commit any act to be covered;
Such person shall be imprisoned as from two years to ten years and fined as from four ten thousands Baht to two hundred thousands Baht.

Section 135/3. Whoever to be supporter in committing offence under Section 135/1 or Section 13512 shall be liable to the same punishment as principal in such offence.

Section 135/4. Whoever to be the member of a body of persons who there is resolution of or notification subject to Security Council of the United Nations Organization designating as a body of persons to have committed an act as terrorization, and Thai Government has notified to acknowledge notification or resolution as aforesaid, such person shall be imprisoned not more than seven years and fined not more than hundred thousands and four ten thousands Baht.

link to the full text of the Criminal Code: Thailand-Criminal Code-1956-eng

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