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Criminal Procedure Code (2010)

The Criminal Procedure Code consists of 22 Parts, 430 Articles and 6 Schedules.

The Parts cover:

  1. Preliminary
  2. Criminal jurisdiction over subordinate courts
  3. Powers of Attorney-General and Public Prosecutor
  4. Information to Police and Powers of Investigation
  5. Prevention of Offences
  6. Arrest and Bail and Processes to Compel Appearance
  7. The Charge
  8. Initiation of Criminal Proceedings and Complaint to Magistrate
  9. Pre-trial Procedures in the Subordinate Courts
  10. Pre-trial Procedures in High Court
  11. General Provisions relating to Pre-trial and Plead Guilty Procedures in All Courts
  12. Procedure at Trial in All Courts
  13. General Provisions relating to Trial in Courts
  14. Evidence and Witnesses
  15. Judgment
  16. Sentences
  17. Community Sentences
  18. Compensation and Costs
  19. Disposal of Property
  20. Appeals, Points Reserved, Revisions and Criminal Motions
  21. Special Proceedings
  22. Miscellaneous

Singapore-Criminal Procedure Code-2010-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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