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Civil Procedure Law, Article 64 (2004)

Civil Procedure Law

Part 11. Case Proceedings at the Court of First Instance

Chapter 4. Case Consideration as a Preliminary Matter in Court Hearings

Article 64. Cases Arising from Administrative Relationships

Cases arising from administrative relationships which a court will consider include:

  1. Cases involving incorrect list of voters. A court decision regarding such a case shall be the basis for the election committee to revise the list of voters and must immediately notify the petitioner;
  2. Cases dealing with improper acts of civil servants in administrative organizations relative to penalties. In such cases, if the amount of the penalty exceeds the amount provided for in regulations, the court will adjudge a reduction in the penalty. If it is the court’s view that such civil servant in an administrative organization has acted correctly, the court will issue an order to deny that petition;
  3. Cases regarding improper confiscation of assets. In such cases, the court will make a decision as provided for in paragraph 3, Article 44 of the Property Law.


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