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Criminals Registration Act (2008)

An Act to provide for the registration of criminals, consisting of the following Parts and Articles:

Part I. Preliminary

  1. Citation
  2. Interpretation

Part II. Registration of criminals

  1. Register of criminals
  2. Particulars to be recorded in register
  3. Discretionary power to dispense with registration

Part III. Taking of Finger Impressions, Photographs and Particulars

  1. Finger impressions, photographs and particulars of person under arrest
  2. Finger impressions, photographs and particulars of convicted person
  3. Acquittal or discharge of person from whom finger impressions etc. taken under section 6.
  4. Duty to submit to taking of finger impressions and photographs

Part IV. Taking of Body Samples

  1. Body samples may be taken from arrested persons, convicted persons and prisoners
  2. Body samples given voluntarily
  3. Persons permitted to take body samples
  4. DNA database

Part V. General

  1. Evidence
  2. Forms of certificates etc.
  3. Rules
  4. Saving

Brunei-Criminals Registration Act-2008-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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