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Explosives Act – Act 207 (1957, 1978)

The Act contains 3 Parts and 28 Articles, listed below, plus a Schedule.

Part I. Preliminary

1. Short title
2. Interpretation
3. Extension of definition of explosive to other explosive substances

Part II. Offences, Penalties, Enforcement and Proceedings

4. Power to prohibit the manufacture, possession or importation of specially dangerous explosives
5. Dangerous acts
6. Penalty for causing explosion likely to endanger life or property
7. Penalty for attempt to cause explosion, or for making or keeping explosive with intent to endanger life or property
8. Penalty for making or possessing explosives under suspicious circumstances
9. Search for explosives under warrant
10. Search warrant against persons
11. Entry and search by Magistrate, etc.
12. Power to stop and search for explosive in the street
13. Entry on place where explosive is used
14. Production of licence and accounting for explosives
15. Arrest without warrant
16. Abetment and attempt
17. Forfeiture of explosives
18. Seizure and sale of vessels
19. Rewards to informers
20. Liability of principal for offences committed by agent, etc.
21. Where licensee under disability
22. Presumptions

Part III. General

23. Notice of accidents
24. Enquiry into accidents
25. Minister may authorize magazines or hulks
26. Regulations
27. Non-application in respect of Government, etc.
28. Repeal and saving

Malaysia-Explosives Act-1957-1978-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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