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Internal Security Act – Act 82 (1960, rev. 1972)

Act 82 – An Act to provide for the internal security of Malaysia, preventive detention, the prevention of subversion, the suppression of organized violance (sic!) against persons and property in specified areas of Malaysia, and for matters incidental thereto.

The Act contains 4 Parts, 12 Chapters, 85 Sections and three Schedules.

The Parts and Chapters are the following:

Part 1. Preliminary

Part 2. General Provisions relating to Internal Security

  1. Prohibition of Organizations and Associations of a Political or Quasi-Military Character and Uniforms, etc.
  2. Powers of Preventive Detention
  3. Special Powers Relating to Subversive Publications, etc.
  4. Control of Entertainments and Exhibitions
  5. Other Powers for the Prevention of Subversion
  6. Miscellaneous

Part 3. Special Provisions relating to Internal Security

  1. Proclamation of Security Areas
  2. Powers Relating to Preservation of Public Security
  3. Offences Relating to Security Areas
  4. Powers of Police and others
  5. General
  6. Power to make Regulations

Part 4. Miscellaneous Provisions

Malaysia-Internal Security Act-1960-1972-eng (full text in English, PDF)

Malaysia-Internal Security Act-1960-1972-zlm (full text in Malay, PDF)

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