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Internal Security Act, Article 44 (1982, 2002)

Chapter III
Offences relating to security areas

Attempt to commit offences and assisting offenders.

44. (1) Without prejudice to the operation of Chapters V and XXIII of the Penal Code (Chapter 22), any person who, whether within or outside a security area, attempts to commit, or does any act preparatory to the commission of an offence against this Part shall be deemed to be guilty of that offence against this Part.

(2) No person, knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that another person has committed an offence against this Part, shall give that other person any assistance, whether within or outside a security area, with intent thereby to prevent, hinder or interfere with the apprehension, trial or punishment of that person for that offence.

link to the full text of the Internal Security Act: Brunei-Internal Security Act-1982-2002-eng

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