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Law on Counter Terrorism, Article 4 (2007)

Chapter 1

General provisions

Article 4

Attempts to commit offences and criminal responsibility

(1)       A person who attempts to commit an offence under this Law is

  1. guilty of that offence; and
  2. subject to the penalty for that offence.

 (2)     An attempt to commit an offence under this Law may be punishable when the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. the perpetrator has begun to commit an offence, i.e., the perpetrator has committed an act with a purpose to directly commit the offence;
  2. the perpetrator did not end his/her acts voluntarily, but was interrupted by circumstances beyond his/her control.

(3)      An act that is only a preparatory act in relation to an offence is not the beginning of the commission of the offence.

link to full text of the Law on Counter-Terrorism: Cambodia-Law on Counter Terrorism-2007-eng

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