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Penal Law, Articles 52, 53, 57-60, 150 (2005)

The Articles cover the following:

SECTION I. Offenses against National Security and Social Orderliness

52. Rebellion

53. Spying

57. Destruction of State or Social Undertakings

58. Forgery of Bank Notes or Use of Forged Bank Notes

59. Propaganda against the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

60. Division of Solidarity

SECTION IX. Breach of the Administration and Judiciary Regulations

150. Forgery of documents or Use of Forged Documents

Laos-Penal Law-Articles 52, 53, 57-60 and 150-2005-eng (full text in English, PDF)

link to complete text of the Penal Law: Laos-Penal Law-2001-2005-eng


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