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Penal Law, Articles 54 and 56 (2005)

Offenses against National Security and Social Orderliness

Article 54 (New). Territorial Violation Affecting National Security

Armed persons violating the territory of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and thereby affecting the national security shall be punished by imprisonment from five to fifteen years and shall be fined from Kip 3,000,000 to Kip 150,000,000.

Attempts to commit such offense shall also be punished.

Article 56 (New). Destruction

Persons destroying, undermining, burning plants and factories, offices, agencies, roads, communication and transport vehicles, telecommunication equipment and other important economic bases with the intention to weaken the state and the national economy, releasing toxic chemicals or viruses among communities or animals shall be punished by eight to twenty years of imprisonment and fined from Kip 5,000,000 to Kip 100,000,000. Furthermore, their assets may be confiscated as provided under article 32 of this law; their residence restricted, and such persons may be sentenced to life imprisonment or execution.

Any preparation and attempts to commit such offense shall also be punished.

link to complete text of the Penal Law: Laos-Penal Law-2001-2005-eng

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