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Penal Code of Viet Nam (1999)

Foreword: Criminal law constitutes one of the sharp and effective instruments to prevent and combat crime, actively contributing to the defense of independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the socialist Vietnamese Fatherland, the protection of the interests of the State as well as the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and organizations. It also contributes to the maintenance of social order and security and economic management order and provides security for all people to live in a safe, healthy and highly humane social and ecological environment. At the same time the criminal law actively contributes to doing away with elements which obstruct the process of renewal and national industrialization and modernization for a prosperous people, a strong country and an equitable and civilized society.

This Penal Code has been made on the basis of inheriting and promoting the principles and institutions of Vietnam’s criminal legislation, particularly the 1985 Penal Code, as well as experiences drawn from the reality of the struggle to prevent and combat crimes over many decades of the process of national construction and defense.

The Penal Code demonstrates the spirit of active prevention and resolute combat against crimes through penalties in order to deter, educate, convert and reform offenders into honest people; thereby to imbue every citizen with the spirit and sense of being masters of the society, the sense of law observance and active participation in crime prevention and combat.

To strictly implement the Penal Code is the common task of all agencies, organizations and the entire population.

The Penal Codes contains 24 Chapters and 344 Articles. The Chapters are the following:

  1. Fundamental Provisions
  2. Effect of the Penal Code
  3. Crimes
  4. Statute of Limitation for Penal Liability Examination, Penal Liability Exemption
  5. Penalties
  6. Judicial Measures
  7. Deciding Penalties
  8. Statute of Limitation for Execution of Judgement, Exemption from the Penalty Execution, Reduction of Penalty Term
  9. Remission of Criminal Records
  10. Provisions Applicable to Juvenile Offenders
  11. Crimes of Infringing Upon National Security
  12. Crimes of Infringing Upon Human Life, Health, Dignity And Honor
  13. Crimes of Infringing Upon Citizens’ Democratic Freedoms
  14. Crimes of Infringing Upon Ownership Rights
  15. Crimes of Infringing Upon the Marriage And Family Regimes
  16. Crimes of Infringing Upon the Economic Management Order
  17. Environment-Related Crimes
  18. Narcotics-Related Crimes
  19. Crimes of Infringement Upon Public Safety, Public Order
  20. Crimes of Infringing Upon Administrative Management Order
  21. Crimes Related to Position
  22. Crimes of Infringing Upon Judicial Activities
  23. Crimes of Infringing Upon the Duties And Responsibilities of Army  Personnel
  24. Crimes of Undermining Peace, Against Humanity and War Crimes

VietNam-Penal Code-1999-eng (full text in English, PDF)

VietNam-Penal Code-1999-fra (full text in French, PDF)


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