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Revised Penal Code (An Act Revising the Penal Code and other Penal Laws No. 3815, December 8, 1930), Articles 320, 324

Art. 320. Destructive arson. – The penalty of reclusion temporal in its maximum period to reclusion perpetua shall be imposed upon any person who shall burn:

1. Any arsenal, shipyard, storehouse or military powder or fireworks factory, ordinance, storehouse, archives or general museum of the Government.

2. Any passenger train or motor vehicle in motion or vessel out of port.

3. In an inhabited place, any storehouse or factory of inflammable or explosive materials.

Art. 324. Crimes involving destruction. – Any person who shall cause destruction by means of explosion, discharge of electric current, inundation, sinking or stranding of a vessel, intentional damaging of the engine of said vessel, taking up the rails from a railway track, maliciously changing railway signals for the safety of moving trains, destroying telegraph wires and telegraph posts, or those of any other system, and, in general, by using any other agency or means of destruction as effective as those above enumerated, shall be punished by reclusion temporal if the commission has endangered the safety of any person, otherwise, the penalty of prision mayor shall be imposed.

link to the complete text of the Revised Penal Code: Philippines-Penal Code-1930-eng

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