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Supreme Court of Judicature Act, Articles 15 to 28a (1970, 2005)

This extract covers:

  1. Criminal jurisdiction
  2. Civil jurisdiction – general
  3. Civil jurisdiction – specific – 17A. Civil jurisdiction – concurrent jurisdiction with Syariah Court in certain matters
  4. Powers of High Court
  5. Appellate criminal jurisdiction
  6. Appellate civil jurisdiction
  7. Appeals from District and Magistrates Courts
  8. Powers of rehearing
  9. Revision of criminal proceedings of subordinate courts
  10. Power of High Court to call for records of civil proceedings in subordinate courts
  11. Powers of High Court on revision of civil proceedings
  12. No revision at instance of party who could have appealed
  13. General supervisory and revisionary jurisdiction of High Court
  14. Discretion of High Court as to hearing parties – 28A. Allocation of proceedings to District Court

Singapore-Supreme Court of Judicature Act, Articles 15 to 28a-1970-1999-eng (full text in English, PDF)

link to the complete text of the Act: Singapore-Supreme Court of Judicature Act-1970-1999-eng

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